• – Computer Performance Optimization
  • – computer parts
  • – Windows, Mac and Linux support
  • – virus removal
  • – virus removal
  • – data backup

Spytek Computing Services are covering everything from basic computer troubleshooting and repair to data recovery, backup of data, performance optimization, custom built computers, software and hardware parts sales, hardware and software installation, server setup, wired and wireless network setup, network monitoring and more.
Some of the most common tasks are:

Computer Repairs

Spytek is the company with high level of professionalism and one that you can stick to. We can provide quality services whenever needed, at affordable rates. We know everything about IT, computers and laptops, printers, networking, etc and you can trust usĀ  – we can handle all your computer problems. We are working with all 3 major OS platforms – Apple, Windows and Linux. In our office we are gathering the most knowledgeable computer experts. Whatever the problem is, Spytek PC tech force will troubleshoot and repair your server, desktop and laptop computers and have you back in business in no time.

If you can not come to our office, we will come to your home or office and take care of your computer problems. By the way, we do not charge any fee for work that is not accomplished. Our rates are affordable and compared with the services we provide you will realize that they are very reasonable. In any time we will give you free advice about computers, suggest the best, cost effective solution for repair and we will always tell you what is the best way to fix your PC or laptop.

Virus Removal and Protection

We will check and clean your computer with combination of various professional tools and techniques. After that, we will install or update/upgrade your existing antivirus software, to protect and defend your computer against viruses, trojan horse, worms and other form of malwares (or malicious softwares) that can do harm on the system in the future.

Computer Performance Optimization & General Maintenance

A variety of problems can affect the performance of your computer. In most situations it is the missing or invalid registry data that slow down your Windows PC. Performing even simple tasks like installing and uninstalling of different applications, adding/removing software and devices as well as everyday computer usage will, over time, affect negatively the performance of your machine. Every time a Windows system command is executed (software installation, program version updates etc) Windows system registry is changed and up-dated with new values and system information.
Like a part of our regular services, we will clean, optimize and compact your registry, repair system configuration, scan and fix invalid shortcuts and hard disks errors, clean junk files and recover disk space from temporary files and folders… After all the cleaning, you will notice that computer performance is significantly improved. We will take care of updating your Operating System, too.

Software installation, software upgrading, driver installing and upgrading

Getting software that is relevant to your needs can be tedious task. Spytek can cover all your software needs and install software packages for office, media, games, burning DVD’s, software for image and video editing, antivirus software and all other essential programs you may need.
We will cover your needs whether you need an freeware or inexpensive programs for the novice user or a more powerful software packages for work or professional use. You can choose exactly what you need, and our highly trained technicians will install it and make sure that everything works properly.
Also we are doing installing and upgrading of drivers for desktop computers and laptops, card readers, wifi cards, printers, scanners, motherboards, graphic / video cards, sound cards, modems, and so much more. Badly installed software or not updated drivers can cause a lot of system errors, automatically shuts down and in general slow the system so it is important to keep it updated.

Hardware repairs, part replacing, upgrading and custom built PC’s

Upgrading RAM, replacing / upgrading hard disk, graphic card or any other part is routine job for us; we will gladly recommend you compatible parts that will definitely give you better performance and replace them for you.
Custom created computers are made in order to suit the needs of the particular clients who asked for them, for people who have a certain job which would require special hardware components in order to enhance their working capacity and experience.
These days, the majority of famous laptop and PC brands offer everyone the chance to purchase configuration that meet all their needs from the start. The problem is that their prices very often does not match the quality of components. We can help, purchasing computer parts and components separately (by your specific needs) and assembling them for the price that is much more affordable.