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We at SpyTek are working with all types and levels of Wireless and Ethernet networking, from home and small office setups to larger networks of interconnected buildings, long distance wifi bridges and multiple Access Points connections.

Wireless networking uses radio waves to transmit and receive information from each computer’s wireless adapter (or NIC ) through an access point, simply called a wireless router, and several computers can share a single wireless router. In effect, wireless networking means office efficiency in the form of:

1. Organization. You will no longer have cables running through the walls, ceilings and floors even though everyone shares the Internet/local area network (LAN) connection and all network peripherals, such as network attached storage (NAS), IP Cam and printer. This creates a neat and organized space in which to work.
2. Flexibility. If you move or change your office arrangement, all you need to do is move the wireless router and the computers with you. No more downtime days to schedule, and no technicians needed because of the easy setup.
3. Scalability. You can add new computers effortlessly and expand the existing wireless network simply adding multiple repeaters.
4. Productivity. Wireless networking offers speed and with speed comes increased output. In fact, the latest 802.11n wireless router offers a speed capability of up to 300 megabits per second (Mbps), and wireless speeds will only continue to improve.
5. Mobility. Regardless of location, you can provide real time access to information for all users in your organization as well as increased services not provided by wired networks, like video conferencing.

All these efficiencies will bring you cost savings in the long run, which can make wireless networking a smart business decision.

Of course, we are taking care of security, implementing standard measures to harden and protect access to your network. Some of regular tasks are changing your wifi router administrator password, making very complex passwords, disabling broadcasting of your network’s SSID and changing default router SSID to something else, enabling the most secure type of encryption, and enabling access just to certain set of computers – giving access only to specific MAC addresses and keep all others off.

In case that wifi network is not an option for some reason, we are doing regular ethernet networking, cabling, switch setup, configuration and maintenance. Ethernet have more reliable network connectivity, higher speeds per port, the capacity on wired networks can be increased by adding more switches and cables… All in all, whatever type of network setup or upgrading of existing network you decide to do, we can make it fast, secure and affordable.