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Spytek Security Systems have a range of security systems that make sure your home or business stays well protected and give you reason to relax while you are away from the same. The range of our Home Security Systems available today, covers every aspect of security and protection your home or property will require. There is every possible kind of Alarm Systems, surveillance devices, access controls, etc in the arsenal of Spytek Home Systems, for the safekeeping your home against possible threats.
All components of our security systems are suitable and customized for home use, small businesses, commercial and industrial companies, even for hotel properties. As additional security measures, we are capable of installing Remote Control Driveway Gates, as well as Biometric Access Control for small, medium and big sized companies.

We are specializing in access control systems and video surveillance (or CCTV systems ) for your home, office or business property of any kind. These ranges of products match the security requirements of all known standards and can be customized for your needs, no matter what they might be.
The strength in a CCTV security system is that you can actually see and record on hard drive what is going on in and out of your home or office. These recordings are relayed to a monitor that can be viewed from within the property, from a remote area, or even accessed over the internet anywhere in the world through computer, smart phone or tablet.

Most people are concerned about the safety of their homes and properties, and we are giving them excellent security solutions which give you a peace of mind, and guarantee the protection of your home against any possible threat. Burglars and threats may become more resilient to any kind of security system, so security systems used by Spytek are constantly updated with the latest security features and made with latest cutting-edge technology.

It is important to choose the best security system you can afford. In the past, Close Caption Television (CCTV) security systems, and Video Intercom security systems were reserved for large properties or businesses, but not any longer. The right system will be cost effective, and give you a sense of security and peace of mind that is priceless.
So, consider looking at some of the Spytek security systems designed for business and small industry. These systems are generally extremely comprehensive and also cost effective because most businesses are protecting their financial bottom line, as well as their property.

On demand, we are providing custom solutions on other aspects of security, such as Data Security and encryption, Information security, as well as website and web application hack / zero day hardening and security, regardless of platform used to built a site or application and type of server where they are hosted.